Gema Montoya has a wealth of experience across the financial services industry globally, particularly in the payments and securities space. She has worked at leading companies in the financial services sector such as Banco Santander, SWIFT, and on top leading FinTech providers of payment and technology solutions like Deposit Solutions and Icon Solutions.   And she has been appointed as Int’l Business Development Director at Worldline’s, leading provider of payment and technology solutions. 

Gema is specialized in transforming and making businesses grow through the design and implementation of innovative commercial strategies in financial markets. She is a firmly believer of ecosystems, moving away from old egosystems mindsets, collaboration is the key to success. 

She has a Bachelor’s in Business Management and Marketing and a PDD for Instituto de Empresa and Master of Banking at the Universidad de Alcala de Henares, Madrid 


Gema Montoya
Advisor and Investor